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Acoustic, Jazz, Rock, Ambient, Guitar music by Victor Samalot

New CD  "Esperanza"

Original compositions drawing from Latin, Jazz, and World with an organic vibe.

Esperanza also available at BANDCAMP


What better way to keep things warm and joyful as autumn steps into view than with nine brand new compositions from guitarist extraordinaire Victor Samalot?  The music has the rhythm and swagger to lift you out of your seasonal haze. His unique style of playing comes with so much skill and a mesmerising fusion of speed and delicacy that it’s a pure pleasure to experience. (Rebecca Cullen / Stereo Stickman

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Single - "Dance Champa".  Available at Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other online digital retailers.

Self -titled CD "Victor Samalot"

"Solo instrumental guitar inspired by jazz stylings, latin, acoustic rock, on the spot improvisations, ambient and world rhythms. A fresh tapestry of compositions, original in structure and improvisation."

Victor Samalot CD also available at BANDCAMP:



Victor proves he's Cleveland's own guitar hero with this skillful blend of jazz, rock, and even a dash of flamenco! It has definitely made the Music Maven's commute tolerable, if not downright enjoyable. Great chill out music CD!  (CCPL - Cleveland, OH)

I really like your CD.  Thanks for coming to Wooster!  (Lee Simpson / Wooster, OH)

Hi, Victor!  I enjoyed the CD . Great music to meditate by or just to relax by! We really enjoy your music so much! (Mary / Westlake, OH)

I love your CD and hope you will be able to make more! (Evelyn - Broadview Hts, OH)

CD "Mandala" by MIND LAB MUSIC

•Known for "painting pictures with sound", and a long-time interest in the healing arts, Victor Samalot & Bobbi Holt (founders of Mind Lab Music), present MANDALA, a 10 track musical journey of world and ambient soundscapes from a combination of keyboards, guitar, bells and zither. Created to achieve a deeper level of balance between the inner and outer energies of your life.
•As a bonus, 2 tracks feature the relaxed guided imagery from therapist Susan Randall-Alexander.
•Perfect for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and all healing art practices either individually or for use in a clinical setting.
Make time for yourself and chill! credits released 21 June 2011

"Mandala" CD also available at Bandcamp:

Feedback from MANDALA listeners..

.I explore ALOT of music particularly world and ambient and came across this gem. 'Mandala' is an extraordinary disc offering from 'Mind Lab Music'. As the name suggests, 'Mandala' is a beautifully balanced album, very atmospheric and multi-layered. An excellent blend of keyboards, acoustic guitar, bells and zither with shades of world textures here and there (Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, etc..), against a pure ambient backdrop that works seamlessly from one composition to the next. Billed as a "bonus", the last two tracks features guided imagery perfect for taking you to a state of total relaxation of mind, body, and soul. A tasteful and complete resolve to the entire album. Absolutely awesome work here which totally hypnotizes you. A mind's eye walkabout for sure.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
FAVs: Dreamcatcher, Sanjah, and Zen Garden. Thanks Mind Lab Music, can't wait for the next one! (ErrianWarrior - Sedona, AZ)

It is a beautiful album! I would not only use it to go to sleep by but also as low (or not so low) background music when my upstairs neighbors are not being polite... It is music that calms and soothes. I applaud your talent and that of your co-musician. Also, the voice offering the breathing exercise was gentle and just right! Nicely done!! I will be passing the links to several of my clients who I think would really appreciate "Mandala". Lastly, I was glad to see it was one w/the album cover that I liked best! I would not only use it to go to sleep by but also as low (or not so low) background music when my upstairs neighbors are not being polite... (Ruth Martin - Santa Rosa, CA)

“If you are a fan of new age artists like Jim Brickman or David Arkenstone, or enjoy wellness/relaxation CDs like Dr. Andrew Weil's series, I think you're going to love this MANDALA, I know I do!” In case you're wondering, yes, I actually tried it out. I don't get to sleep easily, but I tested it over three nights and it helped me fall asleep every time, ahhhh.” Erica Bartik – Cleveland, Ohio.
”I love the disc (MANDALA), sounds great in my car. Additionally, my massage clients liked it, enough to fall asleep to it. That’s always a good sign in my field of expertise. Looking forward to the next one! Both of you make such great music.” (Matthew Gross – Cleveland, Ohio)

“This is a wonderful CD (MANDALA)! I use it in my office. In fact, my client commented that it was very calming during a stressful time. I find that the last two tracks, with vocal, are just the tool for doing self-hypnosis. I learned how a few years ago but the first step is total relaxation, which is difficult to achieve without assistance. All I have to do is unplug the phone and doorbell, listen and let my mind unplug.” (Sandra Murphy – Cleveland, OH)

I just listened to your music and could feel the different instruments resonating in different parts of my body. You are very talented and you have a lot to give to the world. (Marcia Kosich - Reno NV)

Victor Samalot is also Co-founder / guitarist for rock - fusion group Rare Blend with 5 CD releases. You can order Rare Blend CD's and digital downloads via CD Baby, Bandcamp,
and iTunes

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